'He doesn't complain or make a mess': Pensioner, 83, ditches Egyptian 'toyboy', 37, for new cat called Mr Tibbs

19 July 2023, 08:59 | Updated: 19 July 2023, 11:35

Iris Jones has ditched Mohammed for Mr Tibbs
Iris Jones has ditched Mohammed for Mr Tibbs. Picture: Facebook

By Will Taylor

A pensioner who made headlines after she graphically discussed her sex life with her younger Egyptian lover has ditched him for a cat.

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Iris Jones, 83, is single again after she called off her relationship with 37-year-old Mohammed Ibriham.

She has moved on, instead bringing in a cat for companionship and insisting she did not miss her former lover.

The pair met on Facebook in 2019, then married in 2020. He even managed to get a visa so he could be with her in the UK.

Iris adored Mohammed and had not expected to fall in love with someone almost 50 years her junior.

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Iris has ditched her Egyptian lover
Iris has ditched her Egyptian lover. Picture: Facebook

"But it became hard work. We used to have a great sex life but then, rather than making love, we ended up arguing all the time about anything and everything," she said.

"I can't be doing with that. I'm not a lovesick teenager. I'm 83."

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She has now got a cat, Mr Tibbs, which she got days after Mohammed moved out.

"He never complains, is very quiet and beautiful to look at – I adore him. And he's very happy here and doesn't create an mess," she told Closer.

Iris has moved on with Mr Tibbs as a companion
Iris has moved on with Mr Tibbs as a companion. Picture: Facebook

"I'm not missing Mohammed at all, the thing that annoyed me the most when he left was he took my tempura battered prawns that I'd planned for my dinner that night."

Previously, Iris shocked This Morning viewers when she gave very detailed descriptions of their sex life.

She went into a lewd tale about how they had to be careful with her thin skin and how she feared they would have to go to A&E.