'I don't think I've slept': Jack Grealish reveals he has been awake for three days during boozy open bus parade

12 June 2023, 19:17 | Updated: 12 June 2023, 23:44

Jack Grealish made the most of his weekend celebrating his club's victory
Jack Grealish made the most of his weekend celebrating his club's victory. Picture: Getty

By Jenny Medlicott

Manchester City star Jack Grealish revealed he has barely slept in three days as his team celebrated their Champions League victory during a boozy open top bus parade.

The England international has gone all out in his celebrations this weekend as he was spotted in a giddy drunken leaving the club plane after arriving back in the UK from İstanbul.

Speaking to jubilated fans during Monday's open top bus parade, Grealish said "I don't think I've slept" and added that he had lost his voice following all the celebrations.

Meanwhile, Man City manager Pep Guardiola also greeted fans, telling them: "What a parade. What an afternoon. It has to be like that, no sunshine. We want rain. The perfect way.|

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A boozy Jack Grealish
A boozy Jack Grealish. Picture: Getty

Grealish's initial reaction to the win on Saturday was full of emotion, as he broke down in tears in a brief interview in the immediate aftermath of the victory.

It appears the players spent their first night of celebrations in Istanbul, staying out until the early hours of the morning – with Grealish the only one still in his kit in a photo posted online of the group at 7:30am.

Reports suggest they spent some time at their team hotel, JW Marriott, to party with a view of the Marmara sea, getting through bottles of Grey Goose vodka and champagne, as they made the most of the hotel opening up downstairs specifically for them.

Over the course of the night, Jack made his rapping debut over heavy-beat disco music and led chants of “have you ever won a Treble?” alongside teammates Haaland, Kyle Walker and John Stones.

The 27-year-old poked his head out of the tour bus after his night out.
The 27-year-old poked his head out of the tour bus after his night out. Picture: Alamy

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Heading back to the tour bus the next morning, Jack poked his head out the bus window as he continued his victory antics.

The team flew back to the UK on Sunday morning to prep for the victory parade on Monday, and a video posted online showed the Brummie stumbling after he left the plane, a night on the drink clearly catching up to him.

It was shared with the caption: "Spare a thought for Jack Grealish’ liver in these past couple days. Geezer is seeing stars!"

But before the team had a chance to settle back home after touching down, Jack jetted once more for a night out in Ibiza with ‘best friend’ Erling Haaland and a bunch of his other City pals.

Mail Sport reported that the group chartered a private jet from Manchester to Ibiza, made up of Haaland, Phil Foden and Kalvin Phillips.

After they made the most of their weekend bender, partying in a resort that can hold as many 7,000 people at once, they arrived back in Manchester around 1pm on Monday, ready for their public victory lap with fans at 6:30pm.

While some attacked the former Villa player for being “unprofessional” in his drunken daze, fans came to his defence, as one quipped back “he’s a human being and he’s earned a break”.

But most were happy for the 27-year-old, or at least entertained by the many videos and photos that captured his drunken antics.