Paedophile teacher Kandice Barber banned from teaching indefinitely after having sex with pupil, 15, in field

16 January 2024, 12:45

Kandice Barber has been banned from teaching forever
Kandice Barber has been banned from teaching forever. Picture: Social media/Police

By Will Taylor

A paedophile teacher has been banned from the profession after having sex with a 15-year-old pupil in a field.

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Kandice Barber, 37, a married mother of three, was jailed for six years and two months in 2021 after being convicted of engaging a child in sexual activity.

She started messaging him in 2018 after getting his number at a Princes Risborough School awards do.

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Barber ultimately drove him to a field and had sex with him then continued to bombard him with lewd messages - even sending him a text in class that read: "You cannot make me blush while I am teaching now, poker face lol".

But as rumours about her and the boy grew she threatened to falsely accuse him of rape in a bid to cover her back.

A teaching standards panel has now decided to ban her from teaching indefinitely.

Barber was convicted in 2021
Barber was convicted in 2021. Picture: Police

Barber did not attend the hearing but tried to claim she had never been a teacher, instead describing herself as a "cover supervisor".

"I am not and never have been a teacher so this is a waste of time! Unfortunately due to the conviction and sentence I will be on the sex offenders reg indefinately [sic] therefore will never be able to work in education and nor would I want to! So what is the point?"

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However, the panel decided she was "engaged in teaching work".

Barber also told the panel that, despite her conviction, she continued to insist she was not guilty.

Kandice Barber has been barred from teaching indefinitely
Kandice Barber has been barred from teaching indefinitely. Picture: Social media

"Despite the convictions I have always proclaimed my innocentse [sic]," she wrote.

But the panel's report said: "Her conduct was so egregious and harmful as to be fundamentally incompatible with her being allowed to teach in future."

Barber, from Wendover, was later seen working at a construction site in West London on day release.

Her husband, Daniel Barber, stood by her during her trial.

But he has now dumped her and is set to have a baby with another woman.