Kate Middleton lookalike says conspiracies about Princess of Wales have 'gone too far' and must stop

14 March 2024, 11:54

Heidi Aga, a professional Kate Middleton lookalike, says there has been renewed interest in royal lookalikes
Heidi Agan, a professional Kate Middleton lookalike, says there has been renewed interest in royal lookalikes. Picture: Heidi Agan (left)/GettyImages

By Flaminia Luck

A professional Kate Middleton impersonator says there has been "a lot more" interest in hiring royal lookalikes following recent fevered speculation about the Princess of Wales.

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Heidi Agan, who has been working as a Kate Middleton lookalike for 12 years, says she is "not complaining" about the uptick in interest in the last couple of weeks. However, she does think the timing is "odd" and that the rumour mill about the princess has gone "too far."

She said during previous times of Kate's absence from the public eye - such as pregnancies - work fell.

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As someone who follows the Kate's life closely, Ms Agan said she has had contacts from around the world get in touch with her to ask if she knows what is going on.

But, she believes the speculation has gone "too far" and that people should stop with the conspiracies, citing Kate's right to privacy.

"[Kensington Palace] has given enough information and that is something that we need to respect," she said.

Ms Agan is part of a community of royal lookalikes. She says the recent speculation has led to renewed interest in all royal lookalikes, not just Kate.

She added the death of the Queen Elizabeth II revived business after the coronavirus pandemic "killed it off".

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Ms Agan has been working as a lookalike since 2012.

She has done television appearances, newspaper publications and media events in the UK and around the world.