Furious armed police officer confronts American tourists after 'ridiculing' King's Guard

13 March 2024, 20:17 | Updated: 13 March 2024, 20:25

An officer told the group of tourists to leave after 'ridiculing' a King's Guard.
An officer told the group of tourists to leave after 'ridiculing' a King's Guard. Picture: TikTok

By Emma Soteriou

A furious armed police officer confronted a group of American tourists after they 'ridiculed' a King's Guard.

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A viral clip on TikTok showed the moment the officer swooped in to speak to the guard before sending the group away.

The man confronted the tourists after they were seen pointing a camera and shouting names at the guard in a bid to get him to engage.

They could be heard screaming when they thought they had correctly guessed his name.

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"These soldiers serve their country, they take their job seriously, they are responsible for protecting this facility, they are not an object of ridicule," the officer told the group.

"I appreciate you're having fun, he's not having fun, he's got a long day, he has a lot of hours he's got to do. It is tiring, exhausting, and you take the p*** out of him. 

"We do not appreciate that. I will ask you to leave the facility."

The group quietened down and made a quick exit as others watched the interaction unfold.

The man was praised by viewers, with one commenting: "Well done security. Well handled."

Another person said: "Well said! Tourists should have more respect for the countries they're visiting."

A third person commented: "Well done officer. Thank you!"

It comes after another tourist was told off by a King's Guard last year after going too close to his horse.

The man appeared to be posing for a photo in the video, pointing at the horse’s reins, until eventually the guard shouted: “Do not touch the reins!”

Shocked, the man raised his hand in apology while stepping away from the guard and his horse.