Man who found lost Haribo cheque for £4m rewarded with just six bags of sweets

14 November 2022, 21:39

A man found the cheque at the train station
A man found the cheque at the train station. Picture: Alamy

By Emma Soteriou

A man who discovered a lost Haribo cheque for £4 million has been rewarded with only six bags of sweets.

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Anouar G, 38, from Frankfurt, Germany, spotted the cheque while waiting on a train platform after visiting his mum. He said

The cheque was fluttering on the floor during his journey, he said.

After realising what it was, Anouar said he was in disbelief.

"There was such a large sum on it that I couldn’t even pronounce it," he told German tabloid Bild.

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He was rewarded with only six bags of Haribos.
He was rewarded with only six bags of Haribos. Picture: Alamy

The total amount on the cheque was €4,631,538.80 - £4,050,000 - understood to have been made out to Haribo from the supermarket Rewe.

A company lawyer soon got in contact and asked Anouar to destroy the cheque and send a photo as proof.

He complied but was surprised to find a few days later that Haribo had sent him a box with just six bags of their sweets as a reward.

"I thought that was a bit cheap," he said.

Haribo confirmed that it had been contacted about the missing cheque but said: "Since it was a named check, nobody but our company could have redeemed it.

"It was our standard package that we send as a thank you."