'Please, no more TikToks!': Mum of teen who vanished for four years says family has been 'harassed' after she showed up

3 August 2023, 11:26

Alicia Navarro was missing for four years before she went to the police
Alicia Navarro was missing for four years before she went to the police. Picture: Facebook

By Sam Rucker

The mother of missing teenager Alicia Navarro has revealed her family has been harassed since her daughter walked into a police station years after going missing.

Alicia's mum said she has been "harassed" online since her daughter walked into Havre Police Department in Montana last month after vanishing in 2019.

"I have been harassed, my family has been attacked all over the internet. The public has gone from trying to help Alicia to doing things like trying to show up to her house and putting her safety in jeopardy," her mother, Jessica Nunez said.

"So I beg you, please no more TikToks, no more reaching out to Alicia or me with your speculation or questions or assumptions. This is not a movie, this is our life, this is my daughter," Nunez added.

"This is my daughter. I love her more than anything in the world, and I think I have shown you that," she said.

Alicia Navarro's family have been 'harassed' online over her ordeal, her mother says
Alicia Navarro's family have been 'harassed' online over her ordeal, her mother says. Picture: Facebook

Alicia went missing in Arizona days before her 15th birthday several years ago.

Now 18 years old, she was described at the time as having high-functioning autism when she left her house in Arizona in the middle of the night four years ago.

She has now left the apartment she shared with a 36-year-old man, Eddie Davis. It has not been suggested he was involved in her disappearance.

Officers are investigating what happened to her - but stressed she was now an adult and it was up to her if she went back to her mother.

Davis, a Walmart night shift worker, was helped by relatives as he packed up belongings in a car and left his apartment, according to neighbours.

Previously, witnesses reported they heard an argument in the flat before she walked into the police station.

She apparently told a man "I will go back" during the row.A resident said he spoke to Navarro once when she said she was "looking for her uncle" near the post office days before. She did not seem to know the area.

Eyewitnesses in Havre said heavily-armed officers searched a flat a few streets away from the police station, and a woman resembling Navarro was spotted at the scene as she spoke to officers.

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"Alicia is an adult, so it will be her decision as to whether or not she remains in Montana, returns to Arizona, or goes elsewhere, regardless of the investigation," a Glendale police spokesperson said.

She and her mother, Jessica Nunez, have not been reunited in person, but were said to have spoken "briefly" on the phone.

Footage from her police interview, carried out over a video call, was posted online.

She was 15 years old when she went missing
She was 15 years old when she went missing. Picture: Facebook

"Did anybody hurt you in any way?" one detective asks.

"No, nobody hurt me," Alicia replies.

"OK. Because our goal - we just want to make sure that you're safe."

"I understand that," she says.

"Thank you very much for talking with us."

"Of course. Thank you for offering help to me."

Nunez fears her daughter met someone online who won her trust.