Pair 'flee Indian restaurant without paying £63 bill' after one 'went for a smoke'

12 August 2023, 22:20

One man 'went for a smoke' before doing a runner, the restaurateur claimed
One man 'went for a smoke' before doing a runner, the restaurateur claimed. Picture: Facebook
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

Two men left an Indian restaurant £63 out-of-pocket after fleeing without paying their bill, a restaurateur has claimed.

Arvelli in Darlington, County Durham, has appealed to the public for help as they try to find the two men who left without paying.

It has been claimed one of the men said they were going 'out for a smoke' before doing a runner.

The restaurant showed pictures of the two men on their Facebook, as they called for members of the public to come forward with any information they had.

One man went for a smoke
One man went for a smoke. Picture: Facebook

The incident allegedly took place shortly after 11pm on Wednesday, the restaurant said.

A statement posted by the restaurant said: "This is not a usual post or message we put up. But since opening Arvelli we have hardly had any bad incidences and we are thankful for all of our supportive and returning customers.

"Unfortunately last night, we had two gentlemen walkout without paying their hefty bill £63.00 around 11:10pm.

"Initially one of them left for a 'smoke', then the other man dressed in a tracksuit followed saying they will be back after speaking to their friend.

"We as staff try our best to execute amazing service from start to finish. After a tiring day, it was sad the night was ended on a bad note."

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"Every incidences like this affect the business as well as the hard working staff. If anyone recognises the two men from the videos or posts, please contact us," it continued.

"It would be much appreciated if you could share the post!"

The restaurant has been flooded with support since sharing the post, with one person commenting: "Hope you find them."

Another added: "Disgraceful, as if things aren't bad enough, I hope you find them."