Pregnant wife urged to 'go on strike' after husband makes ridiculous demands and tells her she 'has it easy'

4 September 2023, 17:34

The dispute has sparked outrage online
The dispute has sparked outrage online. Picture: Alamy

By Kit Heren

A pregnant wife has been urged to "go on strike" from household tasks after her ungrateful husband made a series of absurd demands.

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The woman, who is a stay-at-home mother, takes care of the couple's three children and is expecting the fourth.

She said her husband believes that she should be doing all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, homework, school activities and drop-offs for the children, and to cook every meal.

He also said her life is "easy" because she doesn't go out to work, she claimed.

The woman revealed her husband's attitude on Reddit, asking who was in the right - him or her.

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She said: "I have three kids and am currently pregnant with my fourth. I left work to take care of our kids. My husband thinks that because I don’t work outside the house it's my responsibility to take care of ALL duties related to the house and kids.

"You name it- cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, homework, school activities, drop-offs, etc. On top of everything I do, he also expects me to make all of his meals- breakfast lunch, and dinner.

"I am so tired recently from entertaining the kids all day during summer vacation and I've been having a hard time with my pregnancy."

"He told me 'life's tough this is your job' and has no sympathy for me. In fact, he thinks I have it easy because I 'don't work.' The last two nights I've refused to make him dinner and he's acting like I'm a useless 'horrible' wife. Why can't he stop at the store after work and pick himself something up? Or look at what we have in the fridge and make something?

"When he's hungry he'll constantly say 'I'm starving, I'm so hungry, etc.' being passive-aggressive to let me know he wants me to make him something. I'm completely undervalued and unappreciated. Am I an a****** for putting my foot down and refusing to wait on him hand and foot?"

People reacted with fury to her husband's entitled attitude to marriage.

One person said: "Her husband is acting like a toddler".

Another added: "Your husband sucks. I'm sorry you're dealing with such an insufferable man who truly has no concept of how much [unpaid] work goes into all you take care of. I would go on strike lol. Stop making him anything to eat. Stop cleaning. Just make sure the kids are good but nothing else."

Someone else said: "Unless your husband is working 16 hours a day, he had better start stepping up. You're doing the work of babysitter, cook, cleaner, and personal shopper. How many jobs is he doing?"

A fourth person added: "Seriously! I'm a stay-at-home mum too, and even when my husband works 14-hour days he makes his own breakfast."

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