'Age of Western domination is over': Deluded Putin calls for a 'new world order' and accuses UK of stoking tensions

27 October 2022, 16:13 | Updated: 27 October 2022, 17:49

Putin delivered another rambling speech
Putin delivered another rambling speech. Picture: Getty/Russian MoD

By James Hockaday

Vladimir Putin has claimed the era of Western dominance is over in a fresh rambling speech.

In the same week he rehearsed eradicating Britain and the US in a series of nuclear drills, according to a top Russian military expert, he again insisted the "dominion of the world" by the West will no longer be tolerated.

"The West is no longer able to dictate its will to the humankind but still tries to do it, and the majority of nations no longer want to tolerate it," the Russian autocrat said at a speech to a think tank.

"Dominion of the world is what West has decided to stake in this game. It is a dangerous, deadly and dirty game."

He also branded former PM Liz Truss as "crazy" for bringing up Russian use of nuclear weapons.

The Kremlin flexed its muscles by launching several ballistic and cruise missiles, simulating what it framed as 'huge nuclear strike in response to an enemy nuclear strike', earlier this week.

Colonel Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of Russia’s National Defence magazine, said the drills were to practice wiping Britain and the US off the map with retaliatory attacks.

In a chilling message he warned the UK will be 'swallowed up' by the Atlantic Ocean, while the US would be turned into a 'sea strait named after Comrade Stalin'.

He told Russian state TV insisted that the 'strategic training exercise', named 'Operation Thunder', was defensive, claiming: “Who could launch a first nuclear strike on Russia? The US and the UK.”

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Vladimir Putin oversaw a nuclear test
Vladimir Putin oversaw a nuclear test. Picture: Kremlin

He said he doubted France would get involved in a nuclear war, adding: “I don't know if [President] Macron is someone who would join this adventure and has been factored into this scenario.  I am not judging, but it is clear that this was a deep retaliation scenario."

TV anchor Olga Skabeyeva, known as 'Putin's Iron Doll', asked: “So we have practiced today destroying the United States and once-great Britain, right?”

Korotchenko replied: “Absolutely right and… it all took place, I emphasise, after a first strike against us.”

He added: “We would have a sea strait named after Comrade Stalin in place of the United States in North America, and the Atlantic Ocean in place of Great Britain… This (should make them) sober up and clear their minds.

"Once again, this is not nuclear blackmail, no, this is what we would really do (if) we get hit.”

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A Sineva ballistic missile is test-fired by the Tula Russian nuclear-powered submarine at Kura Test Range in the Barents Sea, Arctic Ocean as part of Russia's nuclear drills in photo released on October 26
A Sineva ballistic missile test-fired from a Tula Russian nuclear-powered submarine in the Arctic Ocean. Picture: Alamy

Russia test-fired its Yars intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), launched from land, and its Sineva ICBMs, launched by nuclear submarines and Tu-95 bombers.

The US was notified about the exercise – the drills are held annually – and told it complied with arms control agreements.

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It comes as Russian troops suffer heavy losses on the frontline of Ukraine and continue to lose occupied territory in the east and south of the country.

Putin has made several references to nuclear strikes since his invasion in February eight months ago, in what appears to be an attempt to end the West's support for Kyiv.

The tyrant has accused the West of playing a 'dirty, bloody and dangerous game' with its arming and training of Ukrainian forces, but that it would eventually have to give in and talk to Moscow.

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"It contests the sovereignty of peoples and nations, their identity and uniqueness and has no regard whatsoever for the interests of other countries," he said in a speech in the Russian capital today.

He told the Valdai Discussion think tank that the West was blinded by colonialism and was attempting to contain the rest of the world.

Russia has previously accused Ukraine of planning to use so-called 'dirty bombs', and NATO is worried that he will use the claim to ramp up offensives.