Saturdays star Frankie Bridge reveals shock brain tumour diagnosis and says she feared she was going to die

6 February 2024, 13:20

Frankie Bridge
Frankie Bridge. Picture: Alamy

By Kit Heren

Saturdays singer Frankie Bridge has revealed that doctors found a brain tumour when she underwent an MRI scan for headaches.

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Bridge, 35, said she feared for her life when she got the call from her doctor, although the tumour turned out to be non-cancerous.

"I recently had an MRI and just by chance they found something on my neck, so I had to have another MRI," the singer said.

"It turned out to be a tumour, which is benign, it doesn't need treating - it's absolutely fine.

"But for that first week, where the doctor had rung me to tell me the results of the MRI, I was on my own - [her husband] Wayne was away."

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Frankie Bridge
Frankie Bridge. Picture: Getty

Bridge, speaking on Loose Women, added that she was cooking dinner for her sons when the doctor rang.

He told her that he wouldn't tell her what kind of tumour it was for a week because he needed to speak to a board of specialists first.

"Instantly I thought 'that's it'. That's my time, I'm going to be sick," the pop star said.

She added that she immediately began to fear she was going to die.

"I had to hold it together for the boys," she added.

Doctors later revealed her the tumour was rare but benign, although it will need to be monitored. They only found it because of the MRI scan for her headaches.

Frankie Bridge
Frankie Bridge. Picture: Getty

"That week of not telling the kids, not really telling friends or anything like that. I think I just kind of breezed through the week, I didn't really take anything in," she said.

So... when it is a horrible outcome, I can't even imagine what that feels like."

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