Eco mob protesters arrested after mass blockade of 10 'key oil' terminals

1 April 2022, 06:55 | Updated: 1 April 2022, 09:55

Just Stop Oil has blocked 'key oil' terminals in England.
Just Stop Oil has blocked 'key oil' terminals in England. Picture: Just Stop Oil

By Sophie Barnett

Six people have been arrested at Just Stop Oil protests in Thurrock, as campaigners blocked 10 "critical oil" terminals across the UK.

Essex Police tweeted: "We are currently dealing with three incidents in #Thurrock, where a group of people are reportedly blocking the roads.

"Six people have been arrested so far. It is impacting Navigator Fuel Centre, Esso in #Purfleet, and Askew Farm Lane.

"Drivers are asked to avoid the area."

Eco activists from Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil blocked 10 terminals near London, Birmingham and Southampton on Friday as they accused the Government of "burning your future".

Extinction Rebellion spokesman Andrew Smith said the plan for the oil terminal protests is to "blockade those sites for as long as possible".

He said Extinction Rebellion has blocked at least one site with a boat, and supporters are also "locked on to tripods".

Just Stop Oil, which has made headlines for bringing Premier League football matches to a halt, also provided locations for further action in Essex and Hertfordshire later on Friday.

"Fed up with a government burning your future - join us on the road," the group tweeted.

It then mentioned locations including Navigator and Grays in Essex, Buncefield in Hemel Hempstead and Birmingham's Esso terminal.

The actions are being carried out by supporters of Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion.

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Scores of people sat in the road to block oil tankers from leaving each site, while others climbed on top of oil tankers, including over 30 young people at the Navigator Oil Terminal in Thurrock.

One of the protesters, 21-year-old Louis McKecknie from Weymouth said: “I don't want to be doing this but our genocidal government gives me no choice. They know that oil is funding Putin’s war and pushing millions of people into fuel poverty while energy companies reap billions in profits.

"They know that to allow more oil and gas extraction in the UK is suicidal and will accelerate global heating. It means millions dying of heat stress, losing their homes or having to fight for food. This is the future for my generation, I stop when oil stops.”

Jack Johnson, 23 from London added: “The government has no democratic mandate to expand oil production which they know will make the planet uninhabitable. There is no climate change pass.

"We all face a choice - stand by and do nothing while the government destroys your future or take action. Nonviolent civil resistance works. It's our best hope of forcing the government to take responsibility.

"Now is the time for action, thousands of us are taking to the streets. We will go home when the government makes a meaningful statement to end new fossil fuel production in the UK.”

West Midlands Police are responding to the disruption at a site in Tyburn, Birmingham.

The force said: "We are working to deal with this as quickly as possible."

It added that delays were expected on Wood Lane, Bromford Lane and Tyburn Road.

West Midlands Fire Service is also in attendance.

Extinction Rebellion said it will launch daily protests in London involving "mass participation on the streets" from April 9.

In an online briefing, spokesman Andrew Smith said: "From Saturday April 9 we will meet at 10am in Hyde Park every day.

"We will be easy to find, we will be easy to join, we will be more disruptive than ever, and we will be impossible to ignore."

He went on: "We're expecting huge numbers from the 9th.

"In London we won't have pink boats, we won't have pink tables, we will just have people power.

"In the tradition of non-violent civil disobedience, we will disrupt business as usual until the Government and big business make change. We need everyone to join us."

It comes after the UK announced its decision to cut off imports of Russian oil over the Ukraine crisis, with petrol prices rocketing as a result.

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One petrol station in Chelsea was seen to be charging 219p per litre for diesel and more than 218.9p for unleaded, while several outside the capital were charging over 190p, according to the Mail.

Members of Just Stop Oil are demanding the Government end fossil fuel supply projects and have staged a number of protests in recent weeks.

They have tied their necks to goalposts at Premier League games and even stormed the BAFTA red carpet.

One man was charged by police after he locked himself to a goalpost to disrupt the game between Everton and Newcastle on March 17.

The group also stormed the BAFTA awards, sitting on the red carpet, holding hands and chanting "just stop oil".

Around 30 protesters managed to disrupt the star-studded event.