Skathios devastation laid bare: Cars and boats float through island's destroyed streets as tourist tells of 'biblical' storm

6 September 2023, 16:30 | Updated: 6 September 2023, 16:56

One tourist told LBC the storm was 'biblical' storm
One tourist told LBC the storm was 'biblical' storm. Picture: Handout
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

Broken cars and boats have been left floating through the streets of Skiathos after the popular Greek island was hit by a 'biblical' storm.

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Storm Daniel has brought record breaking amounts of rain to Greece, including Skiathos, making Tuesday the country's wettest day on record.

Up to 300mm of rain is expected in other parts of the country, as tourists face the prospect of being stuck in Skiathos for days due to an ongoing travel curfew.

One tourist, Emma Taylor - who is on holiday with her husband, father and three children - told LBC the storm was "incredibly intense".

"The thunder was extremely loud and continued for more than 24 hours," she said.

"Pavements have been washed away, trees have fallen, sun loungers were washed out to sea. Small boats had filled with water and some are upturned," she continued.

Destroyed pavement in Skiathos
Destroyed pavement in Skiathos. Picture: Emma Taylor
A car floats in the street of Skiathos
A car floats in the street of Skiathos. Picture: Emma Taylor

British tourists have been pleading with airlines on social media as they desperately to find a way off the island after a series of cancellations.

It comes as Greek police warned all residents and tourists to stay off the streets after the island's mayor declared a state of emergency.

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A spokesperson for the Greek government said: "Storms and heavy rains were hitting Tuesday.

"The basement of Volos hospital was flooded and firefighters are in the process of pumping out the water," Mr Artopios said.

Sunken boats in Skiathos
Sunken boats in Skiathos. Picture: Emma Taylor

According to Ms Taylor, some tourists who had been staying in their hotel she is in with her family were forced to come back after their flights were cancelled.

But some tourists have been forced to look for accommodation elsewhere, with a number of hotel rooms on the ground floor unusable due to flooding.

At one point, Ms Taylor and her family were too worried to use the drinking water as it had "turned brown".

"It just continued for hours," she added.