'This is a work event': Boris Johnson lookalikes hold 'party' outside Downing Street

14 January 2022, 18:24

Large group of Boris Johnson lookalikes host a party by Downing Street

By Elizabeth Haigh

Dozens of people dressed as Prime Minister Boris Johnson gathered outside Downing Street for an impromptu street 'party' as the "partygate" scandal rumbles on.

The group wearing Boris Johnson wigs and masks and identical suits drank beer and wine and danced along to music.

Members of the group were chanting "This is a work event" and "my name is Boris" at the gates of Downing Street.

The group was pictured waving cups and wine bottles.

The scenes unfolded after No10 was forced into issuing a humiliating apology to the Queen after it emerged last night that two parties took place the night before Prince Philip's funeral.

The gatherings, which took place on the evening of April 15 and continued until the early hours, reportedly involved drinking and dancing.

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'It's like they're sticking two fingers up to the British public.'

One member of staff is believed to have taken a trip to the local Co-op with a suitcase to buy alcohol.

The Telegraph reported that one attendee broke Mr Johnson's son's swing.

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Downing Street has been plagued by allegations of parties throughout the coronavirus pandemic in recent weeks.

At PMQs on Wednesday Mr Johnson admitted attending a party in the Downing Street garden on 20 May 2020.

He said he was there for 25 minutes, and told the Commons in "hindsight" he should have told the group to leave.

Keir Starmer called for the Prime Minister to resign. Five Conservative MPs have since joined him.