TV presenter suspended after inviting rapist onto show to demonstrate attacks using mannequin

2 September 2021, 00:08 | Updated: 3 September 2021, 01:02

TV presenter Yves de Mbella asked a convicted rapist to recreate his attacks using mannequins
TV presenter Yves de Mbella asked a convicted rapist to recreate his attacks using mannequins. Picture: Yves de Mbella/Facebook

By Daisy Stephens

A TV presenter in Ivory Coast has been suspended and fined after inviting a convicted rapist onto his show and asking him to demonstrate how he carried out his attacks.

Presenter Yves de Mbella asked the rapist to recreate his attacks using mannequins.

In the show, broadcast at prime time on Mondays, Mr de Mbella helped to adjust the dummy and quizzed him on his actions.

He asked how the rapist chose his victims, reportedly asking whether he preferred them "slim or fat".

He also reportedly asked whether the victims "enjoyed it".

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The segment of the show was met with outrage, with thousands of people signing a petition calling for those behind it to be penalised.

Ivorian rapper Priss’K branded it "disgusting, unacceptable, disrespectful, especially towards women".

Ivory Coast's independent communications council said the segment used obscene language, condoned rape and attacked the dignity of women.

Mr de Mbella and the channel, Nouvelle Chaine Ivorienne (NCI), have since apologised.

Mr de Mbella said he wanted to "raise awareness" but acknowledged he had "made an error" and apologised for the shock he caused.

"I'm also sorry for everything that was said or done during that sequence of the programme yesterday that hurt," he wrote on Facebook.

"I beg for forgiveness from all victims of rape."

The presenter was fined the equivalent of £2,600 and given a 3-day suspension.