Exact date UK temperatures could hit 26C as sunshine forecast made for end of summer

11 August 2023, 18:56

Brits could bask in sun again before the end of the month.
Brits could bask in sun again before the end of the month. Picture: Alamy

By Jenny Medlicott

Forecasts suggest there’s sunshine at the end of the tunnel, as temperatures could soar again at the end of the month.

Much of the UK was treated to the hottest day since early July on Thursday, with temperatures soaring towards 29C.

The return of summer was only “brief” as sunshine and shower forecasts remain in place for the weekend remain, with temperatures expected to drop to the “high teens or low 20Cs at best”.

But now Brits can look forward to the return of summer weather at the end of August, according to new forecasts.

Between August 19 and August 22, multiple areas are expected to bask in temperatures as high as 25C alongside continuous sunshine.

London is set for 25C, Cambridge for 26C meanwhile other areas such as Nottingham, Southend, Lincoln and Margate are set for a similar climate, according to maps from WXCharts.

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Summer weather could return again in late August.
Summer weather could return again in late August. Picture: Alamy

It comes after Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin said of the upcoming weekend: “Bands of showers likely to cross through England and Wales as well.

"The showers may form into bands which is something we need to keep an eye on because some places may see shower after shower and others may stay dry.”

He added: “Temperatures back by Saturday closer to where they have been for much of July and early August, in the high teens or low 20Cs at best."

“A few showers developing as we go through the day, pretty well scattered though so a decent chance that many places will actually stay dry during Friday with some decent spells of sunshine,” said Mr Deakin.

“When we do see the showers they will tend to zip through on a fairly brisk wind."