Ukraine to restart exporting electricity again after months of Russian attacks ‘fail’

8 April 2023, 19:22

The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant saw heavy fighting earlier in the conflict
The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant saw heavy fighting earlier in the conflict. Picture: Alamy

By Asher McShane

Ukraine will start exporting electricity for the first time in six months after months of Russian attacks ‘highly likely failed’ according to British military chiefs.

Russia started a sustained assault on the country’s power networks last October, leading to blackouts during the winter months.

The country was forced to stop energy exports but they will now resume again after successful repairs were carried out and Russian forces were pushed back from key sites.

Ukraine was forced to halt exports to the EU in October after its infrastructure was targeted by Russian attacks.

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Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko said: “The most difficult winter has passed.” The country’s power grid has been working uninterrupted for two months.

“The next step is to resume electricity exports, which will allow us to attract additional financial resources for the necessary reconstruction of destroyed and damaged electricity infrastructure,” he continued.

British military chiefs said Russia’s strategy to cripple Ukraine’s power networks had “highly likely failed.”

The Ministry of Defence said large-scale long-range attacks to degrade Ukraine’s energy infrastructure “has highly likely failed”.

Ukraine’s energy situation “will likely improve” with the arrival of warmer weather.

Ukraine will resume exports - currently set at a maximum of 400 megawatts - to the EU.

“Electricity exports will continue to operate provided Ukrainian consumers are supplied with electricity - and may be suspended if the situation changes,” Mr Halushchenko said.