Virginia Giuffre claims she was sex-trafficked to Prince Andrew and 'two of the world's most respected politicians'

5 January 2024, 07:42

Andrew has strenuously denied the allegations against him made by Virginia Giuffre
Andrew has strenuously denied the allegations against him made by Virginia Giuffre. Picture: Getty

By Kit Heren

Virginia Giuffre claimed she was sex-trafficked to the Duke of York and "two of the world's most respected politicians", according to newly-released documents linked to paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

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The court files come from a 2015 defamation case brought by accuser Virginia Giuffre against Ghislaine Maxwell, which was settled two years later.

On Wednesday evening a spate of high-profile figures were named the documents, which detail associates of Epstein, followed by a second batch on Thursday evening.

Andrew has been named dozens of times in the files, including claims he took part in an "underage orgy" on Epstein's private island.

He strenuously denies the accusations, but has been reported to police by Republic, the anti-monarchy organisation.

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Prince Andrew is name dozens of times in the documents
Prince Andrew is name dozens of times in the documents. Picture: Getty

The files detail a conversation by Ms Giuffre spoke of her concerns about working with the magazine Vanity Fair in an email to journalist Sharon Churcher in May 2011, after former US president Bill Clinton had allegedly "threatened them not to write sex-trafficking articles" about Epstein.

In a follow up email, Ms Churcher said it would be a "gamble" for Ms Giuffre to give the magazine a statement about how she had no more to say about how she was "sex-trafficked to PA and other men including two of the world's most respected politicians".

The names of the two politicians in the email are redacted.

In another email with the Epstein victim, Ms Churcher appeared to suggest to Ms Giuffre how to support to the FBI her allegation that she was "given" to Andrew.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwel
Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwel. Picture: Getty

The email from March 2011 read: "I am told the FBI have the flight logs. They also have the journal. It's the document they confiscated from a houseman called Alfredo Rodriguez.

"Maybe Jason means that he wants to know how they corroborate the flight to London when you were 'given' to Andrew.

"Here's how: you had photos from that trip - taken in Granada and London - and you recalled going to Paris as well and Morocco.

"I found that itinerary in the logs (you landed at Luton airport near London).

"Also Johanna had recalled being groped by Andrew one Easter at the NY mansion and that Ghislaine sat both of you on his knee.

Virginia Giuffre
Virginia Giuffre. Picture: Getty

"You had an identical memory and there was a flight to NY just before Easter in 01 that I found in the logs."

In another document released on Thursday, Maxwell claimed Ms Churcher, who was working for the Mail on Sunday, helped "concoct" sexual assault allegations against Andrew.

In 2016, Maxwell's legal team claimed Ms Churcher was "aware" the allegations made by Ms Giuffre against the duke were "false" and said she "helped manufacture some of the stories that have been denied".