'How disabled do I have to be?': War hero Ben McBean, who lost his arm and leg in Afghanistan, ‘stripped of blue badge’

28 February 2024, 06:31 | Updated: 28 February 2024, 10:21

Ben McBean (centre right) lost his arm and his leg to a Taliban bomb
Ben McBean (centre right) lost his arm and his leg to a Taliban bomb. Picture: Alamy
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

Afghanistan war hero Ben McBean has been stripped of his blue badge, despite losing his arm and leg to a Taliban bomb 16 years ago.

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McBean is furious with his local council's decision to strip him of the blue badge, which he said had been "really useful".

"I don’t understand how much more disabled I need to be," he told The Sun.

Council officials have said that McBean does not mean the requirements for the badge, even though he has two missing limbs - and is currently nursing a broken ankle.

"If you’re a double amputee, you have a disability, no question about it.

"The badge had been really useful for me to use, especially when I needed to visit the hospital," he said.

Ben McBean (right) said he won't be reapplying for the blue badge
Ben McBean (right) said he won't be reapplying for the blue badge. Picture: Alamy

Ben, who lives in Plymouth, was initially given a blue badge after he was injured in Afghanistan 16 years ago, but it was taken away when he ran the London Marathon with a prosthetic leg.

It was given back to him in 2021, with the help of veterans minister and Plymouth MP Johnny Mercer.

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Now his renewal application has been rejected by Plymouth City Council, McBean has claimed.

He has also been 'told he can pay £10 to reapply'.

He told the publication: “I won’t be bothering.

"When you fill out the form, there isn’t a spot I could write my injuries in.

“If I could actually tell them I’m a double amputee, it’d be far easier.

"Instead, it’s a series of boxes to do with allowances, and I don’t tick the right boxes clearly, or didn’t meet the right criteria."

LBC has contacted Plymouth City Council for comment.