Trees-passer! Woman left horrified after finding unexpected guest ‘breathing’ in her Christmas tree

11 December 2023, 19:48

A woman got an unusual surprise in her Christmas tree.
A woman got an unusual surprise in her Christmas tree. Picture: TikTok/brettbratt359

By Jenny Medlicott

A woman has shared the shocking moment she found a furry surprise in her Christmas tree after hearing 'breathing' in her living room.

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With just weeks to go til Christmas, everyone has been prepping their homes for the big day with all the classic festive decorations.

However, one woman got more than she bargained for after discovering a furry guest in her Christmas tree.

Posting on TikTok, the user shared the unexpected moment in a video captioned: “I don’t understand how this thing is in my house right now”.

Upon first impression, the video shows what appears to be just a classic Christmas tree with branches covered in fake snow and adorned with baubles and tinsel.

However, as the video zooms closer it becomes apparent that one thing is slightly off - a possum is residing in the branches.

User Brett says in the video: “I am literally freaking out right now, I have no idea how this possum got in my house and up into my tree.

“And I’m trying to get him out but it will not let me and I just don’t know what to do, I don’t know how it got in here. I don’t leave my doors open. Somebody help”.

In a follow-up video explaining how she discovered the animal, she said she had been working at home on her sofa when she heard a “sneeze”.

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She decided to ignore the sneeze and decided to carry on working as she already has several pets.

But when it happened again, she decided to investigate.

“I started looking to see if my cat was stuck behind the couch or something but as I was looking around I see this really big long-looking rat tail," she told the platform.

“I just kinda stopped because I was in shock, I didn’t know what it was. And I look up and see this giant, great, breathing ball of fur.”

She said despite her horror at finding the possum, her boyfriend and his friends found the incident hilarious.

Eventually she decided to put on some rubber gloves and attempt to remove the possum from the tree - but was met with resistance as it gripped on.

Finally, she managed to remove the possum from the tree but the moment it let go it quickly scurried under her sofa.

After a game of cat-and-mouse for over 10 minutes, she said she eventually grabbed the possum “like an NFL player” and managed to calm it down.

She said she later called animal control, as users in the comments applauded the woman for managing to subdue the animal.

"The whole Christmas tree would’ve been outside," one user joked.

While another said: "Having worked in wildlife rescue, i’m not sure i’d just grab a possum. great job!"

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