'Heartbroken' woman who had allotment destroyed by vandals gets more than £200k from donors - including Gary Lineker

13 April 2023, 18:24 | Updated: 13 April 2023, 22:19

Carly Burd turned her garden into an allotment in September
Carly Burd turned her garden into an allotment in September. Picture: TikTok/Getty
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

A woman whose allotment was destroyed by vandals has been left stunned after receiving more than £200,000 in donations, including from Gary Lineker.

Carly Burd turned her garden into an allotment during the cost-of-living crisis to provide for those who cannot afford food.

She had already set up a GoFundMe campaign when her allotment was destroyed, but donations have sky-rocketed since vandals covered the allotment in five kilograms of salt.

Speaking on her TikTok, Ms Burd said: "Thank you so much for the donations, bless you. It really does mean a lot.

"I'm still absolutely heartbroken. I went down there today to do some digging and all I could taste was salt in the air - to the point where I had to keep going for a drink."

She continued: "It's been a whirlwind.

"I took a picture (of the then top donation) just because it said Gary Lineker... I couldn't believe it, I was over the moon."

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Ms Burd, 43, began growing her own vegetables in July 2022, and says she's been able to feed 1,600 people as the nation faces soaring food prices.

The mum-of-three, who has multiple sclerosis and lupus and is on disability benefits, started growing in her own back garden, before supporting the local community with fresh produce out of a nearby allotment.

But on Saturday 8 April, Carly revealed that heartless thugs had ravaged the patch.

"I came down on Saturday morning and I just tasted and saw [the salt]," she said.

"Five kilograms plus of salt has been poured over my garden. It wasn't a kid grabbing it - it was an adult who knew what they were doing."

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The vandalism was met with fury online, including from Gary Lineker, who tweeted angrily: "Why would you ever do something like that?"

The sports presenter is among a list of celebrities to donate to Ms Burd, donating £500.

Steven Bartlett is at the top of the list of donations having given Ms Burd £2000.