This 16-Year-Old Took Apart Boris Johnson's Position On Brexit

11 July 2019, 08:48

A 16-year-old from the Youth Parliament told Boris Johnson that optimism won't help us get through this Brexit crisis.

The favourite to be the next Prime Minister told the ITV debate on Tuesday that we need to be more optimistic about how successful Brexit could be, while Jeremy Hunt accused him of "peddling optimism".

Speaking on Cross Question with Iain Dale, Alex McGovern insisted that we need more than optimism to help us.

He said: "Personality is not going to help us get through this crisis. Being loud with a loud voice and peddling optimism as Jeremy Hunt described it, that's not going to help.

"I think optimism is one thing but it's got to be founded optimism. It can't just be optimism for the sake of it and saying 'We might as well be happy'.

"We need to be realistic and pragmatic.

"The EU has been so ingrained in our society for so many years and we need to realise that this is not just 'We'll smile through it and we'll be fine". There has to be real planning going and I don't think Boris will do that."

Alex McGovern really impressed LBC listeners with his views
Alex McGovern really impressed LBC listeners with his views. Picture: PA / LBC

Referring to Mr Johnson's lack of media appearances, Alex added: "The issue with Boris Johnson and why he's not taking these media interviews is because he knows what he's saying is fundamentally just flawed."

Listeners loved his fresh take on the issue. Watch it at the top of the page.