A Withering Put Down For Caller Who Wants Second Referendum

7 December 2016, 18:01

Iain Dale Withering

Iain Dale warned this caller that he was feeling a bit "testy" and it wasn't long before sparks were flying after the listener suggested a second referendum on leaving the EU.

James wanted every tiny detail of the Brexit deal with the EU to be put to the people: "It is beyond the Prime Minister and beyond even the Parliament to make any decision."

"Well who should it be down to then?!" asked Iain.

"They should hammer out every single detail, lay it on the table and have a referendum," was James's suggestion, one that Iain had very little time for.

"We've just had the referendum for goodness' sake! What part of that did you not understand?"

"Not on the details."

"You can't have a refrendum on the details!" insisted the LBC presenter. "The British people do not want to have a referendum on whether there should be a tariff on widgets.

"Do you not think in the three months before the referendum, the British people didn't have enough time to consider all of these different issues?"

At this point James brought up the £350m NHS pledge famously carried on the side of the Leave bus.

Iain's reaction was priceless: "Here we go again!"