Andrea Leadsom Tells LBC She Would Be "Very Interested" In Being Chancellor

23 July 2019, 19:56 | Updated: 23 July 2019, 20:01

On the day Boris Johnson won the Tory party leadership contest Andrea Leadsom told LBC she would be "very interested" in being his next Chancellor.

Iain Dale said that he was sure Boris Johnson was "giving a lot of thought" to who he was going to have in his Cabinet. He asked Conservative MP Andrea Leadsom if she would "love a job."

Laughing, Ms Leadsom said: "It's always the greatest privilege and honour to serve. But, it is a matter for the Prime Minister."

Iain asked if she would accept "any job" in Mr Johnson's Cabinet, if she had a particular job in mind.

Andrea Leadsom was speaking to LBC
Andrea Leadsom was speaking to LBC. Picture: LBC

The former Conservative leadership candidate said "obviously" there were roles she was "very interested" in and ones she was less interested in.

When Iain asked which areas she was particularly interested in, Ms Leadsom said she "spent 25 years in finance," and "four years on the Treasury Select Committee" and "a year as City Minister."

She revealed she would be "very interested in a role in the Treasury."

Iain Dale said "I guess it's Chancellor isn't it?"

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