BA worker of 30 years discovers she may lose job after listening to LBC

28 April 2020, 21:06

By Fiona Jones

This BA employee of 30 years told Iain Dale she was "heartbroken" she may lose her job - and even more upset to find this out through listening to LBC's news hour.

This came after news today that airline British Airways is to make up to 12,000 staff redundant in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

"I'm cabin crew, I've been there thirty years and to hear from you that me and millions of my colleagues may be losing our jobs is just heartbreaking," caller Karen told Iain, who was extremely shocked.

She told him she was furloughed so is unsure if there has been an email which she has not seen: "Other than hearing it from yourself, I don't know anything.

"I just wish the detail was worked out before the announcements were made. I hope it's done in a transparent way," Karen said.

Iain agreed and asked if she empathised with their perspective that it was essential to do this as trade may not return to normal for several years.

Karen realised coronavirus has devastated business and did suspect this might happen, she told Iain all she wished was that employees had been notified before a public statement and hopes that workers are treated fairly during the dismissal process.

"I've got family issues, I can't give up work just yet," she said, "I'm thinking what will I do? This has been my life. What will I do? Where will I go? Who's going to support my family?"

Iain comforted her, "When bad things happen to people it's very easy to look at all of the negatives and who wouldn't, it's a shock. I think the only thing you can try and you have to try and look at it as an opportunity.

"One phase of my life is now over and I'm moving on to another phase of my life. I'm going to do everything that I can to make sure it's a new chapter and that I'm going to enjoy it."