Boris Johnson is 'the best campaigner of our generation', says Tory MP

29 November 2021, 22:06

By Sam Sholli

Boris Johnson is "the best campaigner of our generation", Tory MP Robert Buckland has said.

Mr Buckland made the remark while appearing on LBC's Cross Question.

His comment came after David in Enfield asked: "Does the panel agree that Boris Johnson is very good at winning elections but incompetent at running a government?"

Addressing Mr Buckland after David stated his question, Iain Dale said: "Robert Buckland, you've just left his government. You can be free to say anything that you like now, can't you?"

In his response, the Tory MP said: "Well what I would say is the honest answer is that Boris [Johnson] is the best campaigner of our generation.

"And I've said before that I think campaigning is important and I think that's how you get power.

"But governing is also very important, and I think how you govern is how you're going to be remembered.

"And I think that what we have is a Prime Minister who's fizzing with ideas and anxious to get things done and [who] makes lots of announcements.

"But what we need to do now is, rather than making more and more announcements, let's actually concentrate on what we said we'd do in the manifesto...and deliver it."