Boris Johnson has "betrayed the legacy" of great Tory Prime Ministers, claims journalist

19 July 2020, 11:40

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on Boris Johnson's first year in office

By Seán Hickey

In a scathing attack, this journalist claimed Boris Johnson is dishonest and is one of the most dangerous Prime Minister's the UK has had.

On the anniversary of Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister, Iain Dale was taking calls from the public on whether they thought he has done a good job in his first year in office. The opinions were split from the public, but Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, columnist for The i newspaper was insistent on Mr Johnson's first year being a failure.

Iain pointed out that "he promised to get Brexit done" and has succeeded as we are currently negotiating a deal for when the UK leaves at the end of the year. "Can he not point to that as a big achievement" Iain wondered.

"If you are a Brexiter then yes" said Ms Alibhai-Brown, but she wasn't going to credit the PM so easily. She went on to say that she can accept if a Tory Prime Minister does a good job, noting that she has written about Margaret Thatcher as a remarkable politician. However "Boris Johnson has betrayed her legacy never mind anyone else's" in his approach to the office.

The journalist then made the claim that the PM is aiming to crash the UK out of the EU with no-deal which Iain swiftly quashed. "We are in the middle of a negotiation" he said, arguing that the mention of no-deal is just a scare tactic to the EU negotiators.

Boris Johnson has "betrayed the legacy" of great Tory Prime Ministers according to this journalist
Boris Johnson has "betrayed the legacy" of great Tory Prime Ministers according to this journalist. Picture: PA

Ms Alibhai-Brown challenged Iain, asking "do you know the motive is not a no-deal, because I don't." She went further to say that "he's on an ideological mission" and in the whole, Boris Johnson "is not honest."

Iain asked her whether she thinks "the electorate were duped" when they voted for Boris Johnson, which led her to point out the role of Dominic Cummings in the PM's strategy.

"Were they told that an unelected man would have more power than the Prime Minister?" She asked, adding that "a lot of senior Tories are alarmed" by the influence Mr Cummings has.

"I think he's one of the most dangerous Prime Ministers this country has ever had" Ms Alibhai-Brown concluded.