Boris Johnson is 'a good leader', says Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns

28 July 2021, 22:20

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns said she thinks Boris Johnson is a 'good leader'.

The Tory MP made the remark on LBC's Cross Question in response to comments made by a caller.

Simon in Southampton accused the Government of being "corrupt" and said "we have a completely morally vacuous [and] corrupt liar at the top".

He later said that he would "never" vote for the Conservative Party "unless [it brings] in a universal basic income".

In response to Simon, Mrs Jenkyns said: "I mean clearly you're not a supporter of the Conservatives.

"And I guess whichever Conservative is at the helm, you'd use the same rhetoric [and say] that they are 'corrupt liars etc'.

"I mean, I disagree. I think we've got a good leader. We got a massive majority in 2019 so a lot of the public have got different views to what you've got there."

She went on to say that she is "actually proud of [the] Government".