Brexit Party MEP Says MPs Are Collaborating With The EU

14 August 2019, 20:36

Brexiter Lance Forman said that some MPs are collaborating with the EU and that by doing this they are "weakening" the UK's hand when it comes to any negotiations.

Iain Dale asked Brexit Party MEP Lance Forman what he thought of Boris Johnson's comments that there was "a terrible kind of collaboration as it were going on between those who think they can block Brexit in parliament and our European friends."

The MEP said "in effect they are, sort of collaborating with the EU" and that they "are weakening our hand in the negotiations."

Lance Forman is the Brexit Party MEP for London
Lance Forman is the Brexit Party MEP for London. Picture: LBC

He went on to say that "nobody really wants no deal" but if you do want to get a deal you have let the other side know that you are prepared to walk away."

Suggesting that people need to "calm down" as it is "at the end of the day, just a negotiation."

He revealed his belief that the EU does not want to walk away with no-deal, and they do "want a deal with us, and they can do a deal with us at that very last moment."

"All they have to do, at one minute to 11," Mr Forman said, is ask to do a free trade deal and then negotiate it at a later basis.

Watch the whole exchange in the video at the top of the page.