'I'm breaking the Covid rules, as is everyone I know,' caller tells LBC

14 December 2020, 20:56

'Everyone I know is breaking the rules', says caller

By Fiona Jones

This caller told Iain Dale that he and everyone he knows has broken Covid restrictions, admitting he has been to see his 89 year old mother.

London is to enter Tier 3 coronavirus restrictions amid a surge in covid cases in the capital, Matt Hancock confirmed to MPs on Monday.

The Tier 3 announcement for the city comes after data revealed the number of new coronavirus cases rose in every single London borough in the week to 10 December.

The capital will be joined by parts of Essex and Hertfordshire from one minute past midnight on Wednesday morning in facing the toughest Covid restrictions.

However, when Iain Dale asked listeners whether schools should close during these Tier Three restrictions, caller Nick from Holland Park said there was "no point" as "all the school children will see each other outside school."

Iain countered that they would not be if their parents do not let them mix.

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"Iain they won't because everyone is breaking the rules," Nick said, "I'm breaking the rules, everyone I know is breaking the rules."

He told Iain he saw his son who lives in Cornwall, he had lunch with a family of four and on Sunday evening, and he saw his 89 year old mother who is suffering from depression.

Nick said his mother simply "needed a hug" as she is a "prisoner in her own flat."

He said to Iain that the Government is erring on the side of caution with the Covid restrictions "because they fear the figure the people are going to come and beat them up on is the headcount.

"All the other things, the depression, the ruined jobs, the lives, the hideousness that's going on because of the lockdown, it's harder to measure than bodies."