Caller Shares Her “Humiliating” Experience Of Dealing With Bailiffs

26 July 2018, 20:59 | Updated: 26 July 2018, 21:07

Caroline described her "humiliating experience" with bailiffs who came to her house to collect a debt of nearly £3000.

After recieveing a bill from her local authority for just under £3000 for overpaid tax credits, Caroline from Welwyn told Iain about her "humiliating" experience of debt collection.

Caroline described her horror when the bailiffs knocked at her door: "Imagine being a mum and these people turn up, you're completely flustered, you don't know what to do. They can be very intimidating and quite overbearing."

Caroline reluctantly let them in but was surprised when they started removing items from her property: "Literally, they went around the hosue and started lifting things they could take.

"They lifted my fridge, and my cooker, and my microwave. Things I needed for my children."

"To this day, I'm still paying them off."

Watch the full video of Caroline's call with Iain above.