Caller in Wales predicts next Labour leader's doom

23 February 2020, 09:43

James from Merthyr Tydfil called in to Iain Dale to share his horror of the Labour leadership race.

Iain was taking calls on the potential Labour's next leader has for changing UK politics, but James was less than optimistic.

Commenting on the policies and failure to move away for Corbynist policies, James thinks that regardless of who takes their place in the leaders chair, they won't be able to swing the blue tide that has gone against Labour in the most recent election.

James was clear in his reasoning, pointing out the pressure on UK politics in the next few years with the Welsh parliamentary elections coming up and the possibility of a second Scottish independence referendum.

He believed that once those events have passed "whoever's in place then will be shown that they can't deal with the job."

Labour leadership debate
Labour leadership debate. Picture: PA

James wasn't too optimistic about the future of the leader, regardless of who it is. his opinions came from the fact that none in his view jumped out at him.

"None of these three will bring Labour back into government- at all."

Iain agreed with James on this occasion, admitting "there is historic precedent for what you're saying". Iain stated that in the past few decades there has been intervals of four leaders before a party took power, reminding listeners of David Cameron.

James made the point further with their policies saying the fact that few of the candidates are moving too far away from the policies of Jeremy Corbyn is not helping the future of the party. He claimed "you will never get into power with what you are saying right now."