Caller In Jo Swinson's Constituency Says She's 'Not Very Liberal'

2 July 2019, 09:57 | Updated: 2 July 2019, 13:57

Liberal Democrat leadership candidate Jo Swinson was taking calls from LBC listeners when one of her constituents told her she wasn't very liberal.

Robert in Glasgow, who said he voted for the Scottish Lib Dem in the last general election, said he didn't find her very liberal.

He told the MP: "My definition of liberal is willing to respect or accept opinions different to ones own, but I don't find your position terribly liberal, in fact I think it's illiberal.

"We voted to leave the European Union, and if you were liberal you would accept the opinion."

Lib Dem leadership candidate Jo Swinson
Lib Dem leadership candidate Jo Swinson. Picture: LBC

Ms Swinson, who is up against Ed Davey in the contest to replace Sir Vince Cable as the party's leader, replied to say it was right to sometimes agree to disagree.

But when Iain asked her whether she would be prepared to lose an estimated quarter of lib Dem voters who support leaving the European Union, Ms Swinson said the party should be "straight forward".

"We just have to be straight forward," she said. "I'm not going to change my view on whether it's a good thing to leave the European Union, and I fundamentally think it's not.

"I recognise other people, like yourself Robert, very genuinely hold a different view.

Mr Swinson also acknowledged that the range of opinions go beyond the Brexit debate, saying she recognises the "differences of opinion as to whether Scotland should stay in the UK or not", adding "it may well be that we agree on that matter but disagree on our membership of the EU".

"I absolutely appreciate that people have different opinions, but it doesn't mean I will necessarily agree with them," she said.

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