Caller breaks down explaining grandson's harrowing Covid experience

4 January 2021, 21:36 | Updated: 4 January 2021, 21:42

The caller was speaking to Iain Dale
The caller was speaking to Iain Dale. Picture: LBC
EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This caller told LBC a harrowing tale of her weeks-old grandson being infected with Covid as she appealed to people to take the virus seriously.

Linda from Bedford told LBC her family had just had "the most dreadful few days" she revealed her four-week-old grandson had been rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with coronavirus.

She told LBC's Iain Dale that while she understood we have to protect the vulnerable she thought "we're all vulnerable."

"We don't know who is likely to get this and be badly affected."

Linda said one thing she would never forget was her son sending her a photograph when he was forced to stand outside the ward where his wife was giving birth as he wasn't allowed in.

The caller told LBC both her son and daughter had "fallen through the net" when it comes to getting help and support as they are both self-employed.

"I just think we have to get this into perspective," she told Iain as she revealed she thought England should have gone into total lockdown sooner.

She told Iain that the "reality" was that if there was not a full lockdown now the NHS would become overwhelmed.

Appealing directly to Covid sceptics she pointed out that while they might not get the virus themselves they could be impacted in other ways due to the healthcare service being unable to cope.

The conversation was happening in the wake of an announcement by Boris Johnson imposing a third national lockdown on England along with plans to shut schools for most students to prevent the NHS being overwhelmed by surging coronavirus infections.

In a televised address to the nation on Monday night, the Prime Minister told the nation to stay indoors other than for limited exceptions, with measures expected to last until mid-February.

Iain would not let Linda go without asking how her grandson was doing. Thankfully the four-week-old had been allowed to go home from hospital, but was still under observation.

Revealing today was her birthday, Linda said she just wanted to "get through this and try to get together even if it's painful for the next few weeks."

Ending on a happy note Linda hung up chuckling.