Caller Claire Clashes With Iain Over Article 50 Timeline

24 August 2016, 18:16 | Updated: 1 September 2016, 13:59

Iain Dale faces a determined Claire in discussing the timeline of Brexit, with her adamant the triggering of Article 50 will fail at a parliamentary vote.

Claire clashed with Iain when she told him the triggering of the clause in the Treaty of Lisbon that would allow for Brexit can only happen if Parliament allows it.

“They’re going to talk about it for two years. You wait.

“I believe we’ll talk about it for two years, we’ll then put it through to a parliamentary vote, and that is where the vote will fail.”

But Iain was having none of it, saying the government already has the mandate it needs from the referendum, and won’t need to put it to the House.

He's put his money where his mouth is too, offering Claire a £10 bet, which she took him up on.

“I don’t mind £10, and if I win I’ll put it through to my favourite charity.”