Coronavirus anxiety: Caller reveals how Covid-19 is making his mental health worse

11 March 2020, 12:21

By Adrian Sherling

This caller revealed how the worries about coronavirus has given him huge anxiety and mental health issues.

Brett called Iain Dale and revealed that he is autistic and suffers from anxiety - something that has got much worse since the Covid-19 crisis.

He said his hands have become raw from washing his hands up to 24 times per day, while the worry is making his life "horrific".

Speaking to Iain Dale, he said: "I'm looking at two hours sleep per night if I'm lucky. I'm having cold sweats all the time. It's absolutely horrific.

"I'm sitting here thinking is my wedding going to go ahead, are my mother and father going to be ok? Is my wife going to be ok? I'm absolutely petrified.

Iain Dale heard this powerful call from Brett over his coronavirus anxiety
Iain Dale heard this powerful call from Brett over his coronavirus anxiety. Picture: LBC / PA

"She went out tonight with a couple of friends for an Italian meal and I blew a gasket, saying she should be keeping it to a minimum and not mix with people. It's taken to an extreme.

"I bought some surgical alcohol and made my own hand gel because you can't buy any. I've rubbed my hands so hard with it, my hands are so dry they are starting to crack and bleed.

"This thing is totally destroying my life."

It's a very powerful conversation about the real-life effects of coronavirus on mental health. Watch it in full at the top of the page.