Cross Question with Iain Dale 13/12 | Watch again

13 December 2021, 15:26 | Updated: 13 December 2021, 21:04

Cross Question 13/12: Ailbhe Rea, Alistair Burt, Donnachadh McCarthy, Frank Furedi

You can watch Monday's Cross Question in full here.

Iain Dale was joined tonight for the agenda-setting debate show by:

Ailbhe Rea - Political Correspondent at the New Statesman

Alistair Burt - Former Conservative MP and Minister

Donnachadh McCarthy - Activist and columnist on environmental and ecological affairs for The Independent

Frank Furedi - Emeritus Professor of Sociology at University of Kent and author of 'Why Borders Matter: Why Humanity Must Relearn the Art of Drawing Boundaries'

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