David Lidington In Talks About Second Brexit Vote, Says Lib Dem Deputy

12 May 2019, 11:59 | Updated: 13 May 2019, 12:24

Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington is in talks about holding a second referendum on leaving the European Union, the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats has said.

Iain Dale told the Lib Dem deputy that any second referendum between Remain and Theresa May's deal would feel 'rigged' to a lot of people.

Jo Swinson replied: "That, to me, seems the most obvious choice. What my bottom line is that there needs to be no unicorns on that ballot paper.

"There can't be anything that can't be absolutely delivered, and we need to have Remain."

But she took Iain by surprise when she revealed that she had met with the de facto deputy Prime Minister David Lidington.

Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington
Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington. Picture: Getty

"I think these types of suggestions are some that the government has considered in terms of how that could be done," Jo said.

Iain said: "So they are talking to you about a second referendum?"

Jo replied: "We went to make the case, to say if you want a way out of this mess to have a 'People's Vote'."

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