'Do you think that Boris Johnson is honest?': LBC caller puts Lord Frost on the spot

9 June 2022, 21:13 | Updated: 9 June 2022, 21:52

'Do you think that Boris Johnson is honest?'

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment Lord Frost was asked by a LBC caller if he thinks Boris Johnson is honest.

The caller's question comes as Boris Johnson is facing an investigation by Parliament's Privileges Committee over whether he misled Parliament about Partygate.

Evan in Slough put the question directly to Lord Frost, who joined Iain Dale for his show from a LBC studio.

Evan said: "Hi Lord Frost. Do you think that Boris Johnson is honest?"

Lord Frost replied: "Hi Evan. Yes, absolutely I do think he's honest."

The former Brexit negotiator then said that he has worked with Mr Johnson "as closely as anyone in the last few years".

Iain then asked: "Why do you think so many people think he isn't [honest]?"

Lord Frost replied: "There's a lot of history. There's a lot of people who very strongly dislike Boris Johnson. I think that colours it."

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