Iain Dale Shoots Down Hillary Fan's Trump Claims

29 July 2016, 16:40 | Updated: 7 November 2016, 15:45

Iain Dale is no fan of Donald Trump but when this caller claimed that the tycoon was encouraging violence against minorities, the LBC presenter had to respond.

"This is a madman gone loose," said Caroline, who predicted civil unrest would break out the second Donald Trump was elected.

"He's going to be telling people to go out and cause the problems," said the caller, a convinced Clinton fan. "You would have seen from his convention, where you had people from black/ethnic minorities, he's actually gone: 'I'll hit them! I'll hit them on the head!'"

"Hang on a minute!" said Iain. "I'm no fan of Donald Trump but there is no point in his convention where he's said to people: go out and hit ethnic minorities."

Caroline: "I think he has."

Iain: "He really hasn't!"

Things escalated from there but when Caroline refused to listen to Iain, he had to finish it early. 

"He did not say that. Caroline I'm not going to continue the conversation because you're just making things up and actually doing that just exacerbates the problem."