Drug Addict Tells Iain Dale The Rock Bottom Moment That Forced Her To Change

17 July 2019, 08:16

A former drug addict revealed it was the moment she was in A&E with a bottle of wine that finally forced her to quit after spending hundreds of thousands on failed rehab.

Harriet called Iain Dale to tell her story after he asked listeners about the real-life toll that an addiction to drugs plays on people's lives.

Speaking in an extremely eloquent and emotional manner, she revealed she had been an addict for 20 years and had tried private rehab a number of times.

But after spending a six-figure amount on getting clean and failing and having her kids taken away, she told Iain how she finally decided that she needed help as she realised the NHS resources she was wasting that could be better spent.

And she spoke of the toll it has taken on her two young children, who have seen her pass out and ambulances take her away.

Iain Dale heard this remarkable call from a drug addict
Iain Dale heard this remarkable call from a drug addict. Picture: Getty / LBC

She said: "It was truly in A&E and thinking I'm wasting everything. They were so kind to me, even though I stank and was in a belligerent mess."

Harriet is now back with her kids and after 21 days being clean, she is confident she has turned the corner.

It's a remarkably honest call and one that has to be heard to hear the reality of what it's like caught in a spiral of addiction. Watch it at the top of the page.