Harvey Proctor Accuses Metropolitan Police Of Trying To Bankrupt Him

27 July 2019, 11:48 | Updated: 27 July 2019, 14:55

Former MP Harvey Proctor has accused the Metropolitan Police of trying to bankrupt him as the police force attempt to throw out his civil action.

Harvey Proctor, former MP for Basildon and Billericay, has announced that the Metropolitan Police will try to throw out his civil action lawsuit against them in November.

He accused the police force of trying to bankrupt him, saying that if they win the case they will reclaim costs of the case against Mr Proctor.

The former MP was arrested in 2015 as part of Operation Midland, following false allegations of historic child sexual abuse by former NHS Manager Carl Beech.

The police force investigated Mr Proctor for over a year, but was found to be innocent and told there would be no further action.

Mr Proctor also attacked Deputy Labour Leader Tom Watson for giving Beech's false accusations wider publicity, and for putting pressure on authorities to investigate further.

He told LBC's Iain Dale: "The Metropolitan Police are saying, to add insult to injury, that I did not lose my job or my home because of Operation Midland.

"Your listeners should know this: in November they are seeking to strike out my civil action against them.

"Further, if they win their case against me to strike out my action against them, they will seek to reclaim costs against me, effectively making me bankrupt."

Mr Proctor appealed to LBC listeners to contact their local MP about the case to urge support for Mr Proctor in Parliament.

Iain Dale called the Metropolitan Police's actions "mendacious, vindictive and nasty".