Hunt: I Don't Want My Daughters Buying Morning After Pill

18 June 2015, 16:39 | Updated: 24 August 2016, 16:42

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt tells LBC he doesn't want his daughters to be able to buy the morning after pill.

The morning-after pill has been made officially available to girls under 16 for the first time from all chemists.

But speaking to Iain Dale, the Health Secretary said he felt uncomfortable when thinking about his young daughters buying the pill.

He said: "I'm not comfortable at all as a father about my daughters going out and buying the morning after pill.

"This is an example of the sort of decisions which need to be taken at arms’ length from politicians.

"The tricky thing here is that you have the concerns but you have to recognise there are times when things do go wrong, and you have to have a break glass route in those situations.

"So I think these are not necessarily black and white situations."