Iain Dale Tests Alternative Brexit Options With Ex-Business Minister

26 March 2019, 20:24 | Updated: 26 March 2019, 20:31

The former business minister was accused of giving “weasel answers” when Iain Dale asked him where he stands on each Brexit option that MPs could be asked to vote on tomorrow night.

Richard Harrington quit his post yesterday in order to rebel against the government to back an amendment tabling a series of indicative votes.

MPs will begin testing alternative ways forward on Brexit tomorrow, with the process likely to continue next week.

A second referendum, a customs union and revoking Article 50 are all likely to be on the ballot.

It’s not clear whether any of the options will command a majority.

Richard Harrington joined Iain Dale on Tuesday night
Richard Harrington joined Iain Dale on Tuesday night. Picture: LBC

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So, Iain decided to put some of the likely options to Mr Harrington to see where he stood, but wasn't convinced with some of his answers:

- A no-deal Brexit? Would vote against.

- Revoking Article 50? An “absolute last step”. “I’d most probably vote no to that”.

- Common Market 2.0? A “very attractive” option. “I may well vote for that”.

- Customs Union? Same as the above.

- Canada-style trade deal? “Absolutely not, it’s ridiculous”.

- Second referendum? “A last stop for me. I don’t know.”

- Theresa May’s deal? - “Yes, five stars”.

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