Iain Dale's Brilliant Response To Homophobic Caller Who Backs Brunei Policy

5 April 2019, 08:30

This is Iain Dale's powerful response to a caller who told him that Brunei is right to introduce stoning to death for gay sex.

Celebrities have urged a boycott of The Dorchester Collection of hotels, which are owned by a group run the Sultan of Brunei over the new law.

And Iain was left stunned when a caller told him that he backs the new law.

Hakeem told him: "Whatever is in the Quran, I believe. It's black and white, it's as simple as that."

In response, Iain said: "Do you think that I deserve to be stoned? I have committed what you regard to be a sin of having gay sex. Do you think that I deserve to be stoned for that?"

Hakeem insisted: "Can you imagine that small island of Brunei, if that was to become normal, can you imagine the next 20 or 50 years, there would be no children, there would be no marriage with every woman having sex with women and every man having sex with men."

Iain couldn't believe what he was hearing: "Oh my goodness. People like you do exist!"

Iain Dale was shocked to hear a caller backing the Sultan of Brunei
Iain Dale was shocked to hear a caller backing the Sultan of Brunei. Picture: PA / LBC

After Hakeem ranted against education on homosexual relationships, Iain had a very powerful response.

He said: "My parents didn't learn it in school and that is why generation after generation grew up with bigoted feelings to people who weren't necessarily just like themselves.

"My parents' generation grew up thinking generally that gay people were somehow abnormal. They grew up thinking that gay people deserve to be gay. They grew up thinking that gay people groomed other people towards their proclivities. None of which is true.

"The point of relationship education, even at a young age, is to try to explain that being gay is not a lifestyle choice.

"Do you really think that gay people choose to have a more difficult life? That's what happens to most gay people. My life would have been much easier if I hadn't been gay.

"People don't choose it. You are born it.

"You're not going to agree with me because you have an very closed mind. You're not willing to accept any of this and you think people should be punished just because of the way that they are born. I would beg to differ."