'Can you be proud of your candidate?': Iain Dale challenges pro-Trump Republican

27 October 2020, 20:46

"Can you be proud of your candidate?": Iain Dale challenges pro-Trump Republican

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment Iain Dale challenged a pro-Trump Republican on the US President's handling of the Covid crisis and his temperament.

Speaking to Republicans Overseas Spokesperson Greg Swenson ahead of next week's US presidential election, Iain asked: "Can you be proud of your candidate?"

Mr Swenson replied: "Yes absolutely. He's the outcome President. He's an acquired taste for a lot of people, especially in Europe..."

"He's all about outcomes and I was a little suspicious of him back in 2016. I was not confident that he would govern as a conservative, [but] he has.

"He has governed like a conservative and he's had great outcomes for Americans and for the world."

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However, Iain responded by asking Mr Swenson how he could say Trump had produced great outcomes "with a straight face".

Iain added: "You can look at his record on Covid, for example. That is not a great outcome."

However, Mr Swenson defended Mr Trump, arguing: "To talk about outcomes, his outcomes have been fantastic.

"They're consistent with the European outcomes on Covid. In terms of the economy, he crushes the European outcomes."

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"To blame the President for deaths is indecent and dishonest," said Mr Swenson.

Responding to Iain's question on whether Trump was being too "divisive" as President, the Republicans Overseas Spokesperson said: "He's a different kind of President. The way he came in here was to shake the tree, to throw a grenade in the room.

"And that's because we had generations or at least decades of people on both sides of the aisle...that promised things and didn't deliver, and there was this frustration [from] the voters that outcomes weren't being delivered."