Iain Dale's "favourite caller of all time" launches ferocious attack on Tories

1 December 2019, 12:14

The caller raged about the Tories and Margaret Thatcher - but Iain Dale enjoyed the call so much he urged Sean to phone in more often.

Sean, a Labour supporter for all of his life, called in to call out Boris Johnson for lying.

He said: "He's the biggest liar on two feet. He is an absolute disgrace to this country and if we put him back into power, God help this country.

"I am sick to the back teeth of all these Tory idiots that turn round and say the Tories are going to do fantastic for this country.

"They are an absolute disgrace these Tories and they always have been.

"They don't give a damn about the North East.

They don't give a damn about what happens up here."

Iain Dale&squot;s "favourite caller of all time" launches ferocious attack on Tories
Iain Dale's "favourite caller of all time" launches ferocious attack on Tories. Picture: LBC

He added: "Brexit is ruining this country."

Iain Dale and Sean then spoke about trying to get balance on LBC. He discussed how Emily Thornberry pulled out of an interview.

He said: "I take issues of balance seriously in an election campaign."

Sean later said: "Tory voters are all half-wits."

Iain took issue with this.

Sean said: "The Tories ruined the North East. They knew they ruined the North East."

He then explained: "I've never forgiven them for what they did to me when I left school when I was in 1981, when they put us on £1 an hour. They had me cleaning sewers for £1 an hour."

Sean told Iain Dale: "Thatcher was the most evil woman in the world and she always will be up in the North East."

Iain replied: "She's my absolute heroine of all time, Sean."

Sean responded: "Heroine? I think you're on heroin."

Iain called this his favourite caller of all time.