Iain Dale: This Is How We Need To Negotiate With Brussels

16 November 2016, 16:36 | Updated: 16 November 2016, 16:59

Alex Salmond Iain Dale Negotiations

The government seems to be struggling to nail how the Brexit negotiations need to be handled. So Iain Dale shows them how it should be done.

In fact, he made such a convincing explanation of the tactic for talking with the EU that Alex Salmond said he should be sent to Brussels to handle things.

Dale shot down the complaints of Remainers who say the government needs to say now what our red line issues are when it comes to talks with senior EU officials.

"What the government has to do is say what the broad aims are.

"They can do that - but of course, the likes of you, Jeremy Corbyn, everybody else, Tim Farron, will say: whatever you say isn't enough, we want more detail.

"But you can't expect Theresa May at this point to give in detail what she's going to say in her negotiation. Can you? You wouldn't do it!"

Salmond was visibly impressed by Iain's suggestion of how the Prime Minister should handle talks.

"Your explanation just now is far more cogent than anything that's been said at Prime Minister's Questions," said Salmond. "If Nigel Farage can be Ambassador to Europe, you could be a Brexiteer!"