Iain Dale Screws Up And Throws Juncker’s “Nauseating” Putin Letter

20 March 2018, 18:20

This is the moment Iain Dale screwed up and threw a copy of Jean-Claude Juncker’s “nauseating” letter of congratulations to Vladimir Putin.

The EU boss has come under fire for the note which congratulated the Russian president on his re-election, but failed to mention the Salisbury nerve agent attack.

Iain Dale
Picture: LBC

"I have always argued that positive relations between the European Union and the Russian Federation are crucial to the security of our continent," he wrote.

Iain was one of many who were left outraged by the letter.

And, after reading out a copy of it, he screwed it up and threw it across the LBC studio, adding: “That’s the only thing worthwhile doing with it”.

Watch the moment above.