Iain Dale Takes On Caller Vehemently Opposed To Same-Sex Marriage

23 March 2018, 15:39 | Updated: 23 March 2018, 15:40

Iain Dale clashed with this caller who argued that the Church of England changing its opposition to same-sex marriage would lead to a “slippery slope”.

A gay priest who was stopped from becoming a hospital chaplain has lost his discrimination appeal against the Church of England.

Canon Jeremy Pemberton, who has worked as a priest for 30 years, was stopped from officiating after marrying his partner, Laurence Cunnington, in 2014.

Pemberton said the judgement meant the Church would “continue to discriminate legally against LGBT people”.

But, this caller left Iain stunned when he said allowing so would lead to a “slippery slope”.

“What’s at the bottom of the slope?” a bemused Iain asked.

The caller replied: “To put it this way, there are senses out there that can put you on the sex offenders registry or in prison, like there are certain sins that have arisen in the “Me Too” thing, there’s the whole thing with Rolf Harris.”

Iain responded: “So you’re equating all of us with homosexuality are you?”

To which Jake said: “I’m not equating the things together, there are degrees of seriousness of sin in the bible.

“Some sins are more serious than others and pedophilia would be more serious than homosexuality.”